7 Reasons to Recommend Oral7®

  • Contains a ‘protein-enzyme’ system
  • Relieves symptoms of dry mouth
  • No alcohol – gentle flavor
  • Soothes and helps protect the mouth from irritation
  • Cleanses the mouth
  • Freshens breath
  • Moisturizes the mouth
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FDA Approved Oral7®
Offers Relief From Symptoms of Dry Mouth

The natural enzymes found in Oral7® Dry Mouth Moisturizing Oral Care Products are lactoperoxidase, lysozyme and glucose oxidase and, the glycoprotein lactoferrin. Collectively, these ingredients are referred to as a protein-enzyme system. These essential components for relief of symptoms of dry mouth are found only in Oral7® and work synergistically with saliva to stimulate increase saliva production and assist in maintaining a healthy oral environment necessary for good oral health.

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Induced Dry Mouth

The extent of the dry mouth symptoms that you may encounter with your customers will vary depending on the type and number of medications, dosage strength and, frequency and duration of use. Some are more xerogenic than others and they can have a combined effect.

  • Almost half of the U.S. population takes one or more prescription medications.
  • As much as 20%–30% of patients taking just 1 drug daily report dry mouth. This progressively increases to greater than 60% when 6 or more different drugs are taken daily.
  • Many widely used over-the-counter, dietary supplements and often prescribed medications can effect salivary flow and quality of saliva resulting in dry mouth or xerostomia.
  • Over 400 medications in 42 drug categories can produce the side-effects of xerostomia.
  • Those that are most commonly associated with xerostomia are tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotics, atropinics, antihypertensives (beta blockers), antimuscarinic (urinary incontinence), gastric, bronchiodilators, narcotic analgesics and antihistamines.
  • Xerostomia is commonly found as an adverse side effect in patients under medical care for hypertensive, psychiatric, pain, gastric and urinary problems.

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