Meet the Team

John Canvin

Since graduating from Rutgers University (Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey) in 1981 with a BA in Zoology, John has held senior and executive management positions in direct or supportive roles to the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. His positions have included Director, Managing Director, VP Compliance & Regulatory Affairs and President.

His accomplishments include development and submission of regulatory applications including PMAs, IDEs, and annual reports; development and implementation of Quality Management Systems including documentation for U.S., European, Canadian, and Japanese Medical Device Agencies, Competent Authorities and notified bodies; participation in numerous FDA inspections in the U.S. and Europe; development and implementation of security and audits functions; and, managing, training and developing employees.

Most recently, John founded Sterre Health to source medical solutions globally and bring them to the end user; starting with Oral7®’s dry mouth moisturizing oral care system.

John has been married for more than 30 years and has four children. He enjoys gardening, beer and wine making, fishing and kayaking. John is actively involved in his church and volunteers at a local facility for the aging and those in need of physical rehabilitation.
Advisory Board

Advisory Boards members possess a strong working knowledge of both strategic and tactical planning strategies for complex projects from conception to completion